CURE Foundation – Sarajevo

The CURE Foundation in Sarajevo is paving the way for the future feminists of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lucky for us, a conference was taking place during our visit so we got to see roughly 80 women from all over the Balkans come together in support of women’s activism.

The CURE Foundation also plays host to the art and music festival called “Pitchwise.” We were only able to get a taste of the wide variety of speakers and artists they had on hand to educate and support young women. It was a great experience. The kind and progressive nature of these women made us feel very hopeful for the women’s movement on an international level.

Roma Women for a Better Future – Tuzla

Visiting the city of Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina was one of the most unique and wonderful travel experiences I have ever had. We only stayed for two short days, but in that time met a group of absolutely amazing women.

The Roma Women Association for a Better Future hosted a conference while we were there, celebrating the completion of a project they had worked on in conjunction with CARE International. The project provided Roma women with the resources to empower them economically, by giving them agricultural resources or the products needed to start a business that would enable them to support their family’s and their community’s.

After spending just a short time with them we were moved by their generosity, kindness and welcoming nature.

Vakti – Women making a difference in Belgrade

In a recent trip to Belgrade, we spent time exploring the city and learning about one aspect of continuous discrimination that takes place in the region: discrimination against the Roma population. Roma or gypsy women are doubly discriminated because they are women and part of a different kind of Balkans society.

We traveled outside of Belgrade to a small town called Zemun. There, we found a woman who was trying to make a difference. The organization called Vakti – which means “It’s time” – was working on a project to bring education to young Roma women so that they have more opportunities in their lives.