Kentucky Derby Fashion Report – Splash



Forget the horses: Fashion is the main event at the Kentucky Derby ­— and it’s the hats that take top prize. Both men and women got into the spirit of Southern charm at this year’s Derby, donning fascinators, fedoras and floppy hats, and Splash headed to Churchill Downs to get in on the action. Here are some of our favorite looks from last weekend.


Maggie Jennings, Portland, Ore.

Maggie embraced classic style with a neutral but intricate hat and a sunny tangerine dress.


Katie Nichols, Atlanta, Ga.

A Derby pro, Katie looked fabulous with her black-and-white hat and shift, accented by a pop of on-trend lime green.


Nell Entwistle, Atlanta, Ga.

Nell nailed chic Derby style with simple dress to offset her fashion-forward fascinator.

Nicholas Neuman, Madison, Wis.

With coordinated orange bowtie and shirt, Nicholas embraced spring.

Emily Utzerath, Madison, Wis. and Erin Mcintyre, Louisville, Ky.

Emily and Erin went Gatsby glam with a handmade headband accented by a red rose and peacock feathers (Emily) and bucket hat (Erin).


Newlyweds Jill and Alex came down for their fourth Derby as a couple. Alex rocked a Stetson while Jill kept it classy in a black-and-white romper matching her Derby hat.

Bryan Brinkmeyer, Chicago, Ill.

A horserace blogger and bowtie aficionado, Bryan looked sharp while keeping an eye on the track.


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